Some notes on „Eye (Fold) Fish, petrified"

The idea to this project arose inside of me when I was encounting something unexpected during a break after lunch. Far more motivated by boredom than by interest I was looking at the pictures of an old “History of Painting“ book when I suddenly got shaken by one work that draw my attention immediately.
A reproduction of a painting entitled as „Clara the Rhinozerus“ by the Venetian 17th century painter Pietro Longhi . At first glance this painting didnt show anything unusual.
A group of dressed up people wearing venetian masks are staring amazed and tensioned at a Rhinocerus called „Clara“ which is located in the lower part of the painting.
After a closer look, I could position the source of my strange reaction; a woman standing in the upper part seems to be partly voided out in her face.
Supposedly this black void in her face in which two eyes seem to float should be a mask as well. She has a look that really transcends her from her actual scenery with all the fascinated people who are attracted by the animal. I had much more the feeling that she wanted to communicate and deliver a message to the viewer.
This uncanny feeling that I got while looking at this painting, was the starting point of my new work. For me the woman on the painting has clearly lost the space around her. Even her body seems to be st